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My name is Mike Rokos and Microkos is my website for you.  Make sure you are older than 18 years, before you click on the  links in this site, you are not sure, aks you mother or friends. This site is for guests over 18 and under 19 years old only. my domain by TK is a free domain, damn i have not money to buy a top level domain. Ok Tk domain is top level domain but we have a banner from sponsor. You do not need to click on it. ha ha ha!.

I make this site with my other friend . Thanks to Susan , Lili , Margaret ,  Sabine , Tina , Maddona and all other girls to help me by this hard work.
Webmaster Mr Rokos


Some of my friends. Ok they are Susan, Lili, Margared and Sabine

Henaa, my girlfirend

My love and my girlfriend. total new, updated vor 2 weeks. My last girl is out. I am lucky, at least for the next time.

Microfree the site of freebies

And here it is the absolut free website without any advertising like my website. This is the website of Magnolis Hix with the name Microfree. Go to Microfree.tripod.com and find a lot of freebies..


Mr. Mike Rokos by Miditation
Mike Rokos

Tina Baby

This is tina and she was my first girl friend. she was 4 and i was 3 years old. yaa, she was too old for me.

My best friend. His name is Bert Bredston and he lives in Hollywood.

Microbig Webmaster

This is the lovely Microbig. The corner of love and free objects. Visit Microbig!.

Eprogs with scripts

Mr Eprogs who is this girl? She can work for me. This site must you see.
Visti Eprogs!.

Micro Kooft

This is the Microkooft publication, bring microkos to Microkooft referer page!
Visti Micro Kooft!.


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china firends

Jini Chang and Mitasu liang

The Club of Joghds
Club of Joghds or Joghds Club is a Club of Clicks, so click of the link, its not expensive.. Joghd Club !.

Hallo Tools by Mandana
Mandana Website is super. The name is Hallo Tools and here is the tools for Webmasters like me.
Go to Mandana !.


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